Upgrade process

Hi Codebots Team,

Just want to ask, can I downgrade to previous versions after an upgrade to Spring bot
I was worried after Upgrade some of my developed features are broken, so in this case, I want to revert the upgrade and see what is the differences to quickly solve the problem.

at the moment our Projects have a lot of custom codes.


Hi @Virgananta_Nugraha :wave:

While it is possible to downgrade you back to an old version, it is a manual process we prefer to avoid.

We do recommend that when working with the bots, you work on a separate branch rather than on develop. That way when an upgrade happens on develop, you can merge it into your own branch when you are ready, and it can be clear what the changes are using Git dif tools.

You can also look at the release notes of the new version and look at the migration path section, which details what changes will affect your custom code and what you need to do as part of the upgrade.

For reference, this is an article on how we recommend using Codebots and Git.

I will send you an email to follow up on the downgrading process for your application.

Hi, @Tessa thanks for your reply,

I will pending the update, if we have time we will do the upgrade so we can focus on refactoring the works.

Thank you