Too many graphql requests on Multi_Entity CRUD


Type: [SpringBot]
Bot Version: []
Browser / OS: [Chrome]


I plan to upgrade to Springbot v2.4.1.1 to take advantage of the multi-entity CRUD feature. I created a new project to test the Multi-Entity Crud feature before upgrading my real project to it.

If found too many graphql requests call to the backend when editing/viewing a record. The number of requests increased after the multi-entity CRUD feature activated. Please refer to the attachment for the details. I hope the performance can be optimized.

The attachment is saved here.

Attempted Resolutions

Report the issue to CB Support.

Hi @Afriana_Putra_I_B,

Thanks for getting in touch and the feedback regarding the multi-entity CRUD.

Exciting to hear that you are planning on making use of this feature. I have passed this onto the team to investigate, and we will get back to you once we know more.

Thanks again!