This is good tool for generating code-need advise on reports

This is good tool for generating code. How do we generate reports and dashboards, is there any plugin that can work nicely to generate nice pdf reports or html reports that show up for invoices, contracts or any business reporting needs in general?

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I’ve personally used the following in various C# projects to varying degrees of success

  • FastReport .NET Good for building custom reports . Has a designer component so that non techies can build reports. Can be a little tricky to integrate into the backing datastore
  • Mustache Templates You could build up reports through a templating language such as mustache. These could be HTML reports.
  • wkhtmltopdf Converts HTML to PDF. Could be used in conjunction with mustache templates to build out dynamic reports. Also, since it’s HTML, you could include charts, graphs, etc

I hope these suggestions are useful!


I’ve worked on a couple of projects which required PDF’s to be generated for various reports.

We tackled this by having a pre-made PDF with all the formatting and styling that we wanted.

In that PDF we assigned fields a variable name using Adobe Acrobat, and used the iTextSharp library to fill those fields with values that we computed in our app.


I’ve used wkhtmltopdf, or its .NET wrapper, DinkToPdf, before. Be warned that, while it does do what you need, it can be a pain to work with.

In particular, you should be aware of its security issues, and be careful never to include any content from an unknown source in your PDFs. And if you’re having issues with keeping consistent documents, consider turning off its smart-shrinking feature.

I have a colleague who has used PdfSharpCore with some success, but I’m afraid I don’t know enough about it myself to say whether it’s an improvement.


thank you all, checking these along with few paid tools.