SpringBot Release


  • Updated from node-sass to dart-sass.
  • Each cookie is now only set once with the correct attributes.
    • Previously, two sets of Set-Cookie headers existed for each cookie to ensure that the SameSite attribute was correctly set.
    • This was achieved by using the ResponseCookie wrapper class.
  • Upgraded to Gradle 7.1. This upgrade improves performance, stability and security as well as support for the latest technologies such as Java 16.
  • Upgraded to Spring Boot 2.5.1
  • Removed the now deprecated jcenter repository. More information can be found here.
  • Pre-existing repositories have been placed in a protected region.
  • Variables to customise the delete dialog modal have been added to a protected region. This addresses Protected Region Request on Crud's Delete Dialog Confirmation.
  • Unit tests have been upgraded to Junit5 from Junit4.
  • Added in a large number of new serverside unit and integration CRUD tests.
  • Added extra steps to ensure that all subscriptions are unsubscribed when their containing component is destroyed.
  • Upgraded a number of packages.
  • Added the bot-written warning to a number of files.

Bug fixes

  • Continuous pagination is no longer an option for the CRUD collection component. This may be added in a later release.
  • Fixed issues with relations not being updated/removed in single entity CRUD

Migration path

  • The protected region Override the sameSite attribute for all cookies here has been removed with the surrounding method in the SecurityConfig.java file. Any custom code will need to be migrated to another protected region/method, such as Add any additional class methods here.
  • As part of the upgrade to Gradle 7, the Gradle wrapper needs to be refreshed with the latest version. To do so run gradle wrapper --gradle-version=7.1
    • All bot written gradle configurations have been migrated for you but for any custom changes please see Upgrading your build from Gradle 6.x to the latest .
    • NOTE: If you receive an error from this stage, you may need to upgrade your installed version of Gradle to version 7.
  • See Spring Boot 2.5 Release Notes · spring-projects/spring-boot Wiki · GitHub for the details on migrating to Spring Boot 2.5.1.
  • As part of the package update, we have changed how uuid is imported. And previous uses of uuid.v4() should now be changed to uuidv4().