SpringBot Release

The features in this release were originally made available in SpringBot Release


  • To address Disable read audit by default some changes have been made to the flexibility of the read and request auditing functionality.
    • RequestLoggingFilter has been enclosed in a protected region to allow for it to be disabled
    • A new configuration property has been added security.read-audit-enabled which allows for the ability to globally disable response audit logging.
    • See https://codebots.com/docs/security-handling-with-springbot-server-side#read-audits for details.
    • A new protected region has been added to the EntityListener to allow for the manual control over response auditing per entity.

Hi Kelly,

I tried to upgrade to version but I cannot find the version number in the dropdown.

Hi @Dewi_Rosalin,

I apologise for the confusion. The SpringBot release is not yet publicly available. I will update you once it is available for you to upgrade to.

Hi @Dewi_Rosalin,

Good news, this is now available for you to upgrade to.