SpringBot Release

Noteworthy changes

  • Added new styling to improve the 404 Page.

  • Added preservation of pagination for Data tables.

    • Previously when creating or editing an entity, when returning to the data table you would be returned to page 1.
    • Your previous page number is now preserved when creating or editing an entity, and will be returned to when navigating back to the Data table.
    • Note: This feature will not work on front-end data tables in routed mode. It is only possible on front-end tiles in single page mode and admin section Data tables.
    • Your page is also preserved when searching or filtering, and once the search/filter is cleared you will be returned to your previous page.
  • Removed instances of the white label server error page which was shown when routing errors occurred in bundled mode.

    • All routing errors will now be directed to the client-side which will handle the issue.
  • Added handling for importing a CSV file that is too large.

    • Previously this caused an internal server error, now it returns BAD_REQUEST to the clientside and a descriptive error message.
  • Added validation and handling for unique fields in CSV file uploads.

    • Instead of internal server error, unique constraint violations will now return BAD_REQUEST, and an error message containing the attribute whose constraint has been violated, and the value which caused the issue.
  • Set booleans to default to false, instead of defaulting to null.

    • Any null booleans in entities sent to the server will be updated to false from this point on.
  • Removed joyride dependencies when joyride is not enabled.

  • Added support for special characters to imported and exported CSV files.

  • Failed authorisation will now redirect the user to the login page.

Resolved defects

  • Fixed issue where strings containing only white-space were allowed when an attribute had a ‘Required’ validator.
  • Export Selected endpoint no longer fails when running the client-side in bundled mode.
  • Adding multiple references to the same enum to an entity does not cause a compilation error due to duplicated imports anymore.
  • Added imports for FileEntity in DTO’s for entities which contain a file attribute

Migration path

No migration path is required for this upgrade.