SpringBot Release


No new features were included.


  • Springbot User Registration Tests
  • Springbot User CRUD permissions tests
  • Add formal types in the Apollo services for AngulaBot
  • Validation
    • Add validator for having Source and Optional set to false, resulting in being unable to create the entity in the application.
    • Having the same behaviour twice on an entity
    • Improved validation messages
  • Improved backend support for adding attribute validators
  • Add requested protected regions
  • Updated delete items modal in CRUD
  • Include an id on login button to simplify testing.

Resolved Defects

  • Fixed CRUD List pages scrolling when you had alot of attributes.
  • Resolved issues with Usertypes in LoginPageStepDefs

Migration Path

  • The Admin CRUD selenium tests were moved into the behaviours/crud folder, if you had any protected regions they will need to be migrated across to the new file structure.