SpringBot Release


No new features were included.


  • Improved Workflow Selenium test coverage.ax
  • Improved Forms Selenium test coverage.
  • Added numerous requested protected regions.
  • Restructured the Selenium test target.
  • Toggle CRUD grid view list option now available in collection.

Resolved Defects

  • Fixed issues with form submissions sometimes not being displayed.
  • Resolved issues with ‘Name’ while registering a user.
  • Resolved issues with using the same ID for forms tests.
  • Fixed issues with Forms when no question was present
  • Fixed 'Last Updated` Datetime format in Workflow Admin

Migration Path

Selenium Test Framework

  • The Selenium test framework was cleaned and restructured, any protected regions or custom tests will need to be backed up and migrated across after the upgrade to this version.

Protected Regions

File ID New ID Notes
clientside/src/app/lib/components/collection/collection.component.ts Add any additional class fields here Add any additional class methods here This protected region was found to be a duplicate, so it was replaced with a more appropriate name. If you have any code in this protected region, it will need to be migrated.