SpringBot Release


No new features were included.


  • :zap: Improved bot performance for large models :zap:
    • Some under the hood bot optimisations have been achieved that will make the building of larger models significantly faster.
  • Outdated bot written documentation has been removed
    • Documentation that was written by the bot to describe entities and pages has now been removed as it was outdated and incomplete

Resolved Defects

No defects were resolved.

Migration path

As this is hotfix version, the impact is minor. Majority of the changes are under the hood and will not impact the code written by the bot.

The only exception is the documentation removal detailed below.

Documentation removal

The documentation that has been removed is usually found within the following two directories:

  • serverside/docs
  • clientside/docs

Any documentation from these directories that you wish to maintain, please make a backup before upgrading and then restore after the first build post upgrade is complete.

Once restored, these files will not be removed by the bot.