SpringBot Release


  • Upgraded to Angular 9
  • Added the file attribute


  • Upgraded to BotRunner 2.0
  • Added new protected regions:
    • Tile-form component
    • Angular configuration
  • Removed legacy docs (MKDocs)
  • Update Get Test Names function for platform to include spaces
  • Added a Super user for development environment (to be consistent with C#Bot)
  • Now supports one-to-one self references
  • Attributes can now be defined with ‘or’ in them.

Resolved Defects

  • Uniqueness constraint validation for page names
  • Resolved issues where forms did not have a question
  • Issues with login token timeout leading to a half-login state
  • Resolved ‘logout’ button issues related to client-side router
  • Resolved issues with having to set Create-Drop to have security correctly enabled
  • Resolved tocharSequence errors which would sometimes occur during build

Migration Path

Angular Version

Angular was upgraded to version 9, please see this guide to migrate to the new version.

Modal Dialog Package

Another change is to the package for the modal dialog. If you use that in your code, you need to update your imports from:

import {SimpleModalComponent, ModalDialogService} from 'ngx-modal-dialog;


import {SimpleModalComponent, ModalDialogService} from '@preeco-privacy/ngx-modal-dialog';