Springbot Release


  • A password strength meter to help users set a stronger password when they register.


  • Security:
    • User passwords must be at least 12 characters
    • Verify bot-written code allows passwords to:
      • Contain spaces and truncation is not performed.
      • Unicode characters are permitted in passwords.
    • Improved error handling to conform to OWASP ASVS V7.4
    • Validate HTTP Request Header Requirements conform to OWASP ASVS V14.5
  • SpringBot CRUD component refactor
  • Improved validation
    • Enum literal names for unsupported characters
    • User behaviour, first name and phone number attribute names are now reserved
    • Form behaviour, name attribute is now reserved
    • ID and owner are now reserved attribute names

Resolved Defects

  • Fixed CRUD submission always redirecting users to list view rather than the most recent page
  • Fixed issue where enums were not appearing on the CRUD list page
  • Resolved various issues with SpringBot CRUD list search
  • Fixed several cases of failing selenium login tests

Migration Path


The test target directory structure has been updated since previous releases, the easiest method for updating it is to:

  1. Move your manual code from protected regions into a different directory
  2. Delete the src folder in testtarget
  3. Re-build with the bots
  4. Copy your protected region code back into the appropriate location(s)

Migration of CRUD tile

In version, we have done a heavy refactoring on the CRUD tile. This part will be the most important part you will need to focus on.

We split the CRUD tile into crud-edit and crud-list components so that it is easier to add custom code and easier to read the bot-written code. As a result, you might need to move the code out of the protected region in your current CRUD tile and move it back into the right place after doing a build.