SpringBot Release


No new features were included.


  • Added missing guard for workflow component
  • Changed the form title which displayed when completing a submission. Instead of an ID displays the first attribute.
  • Allows an empty attribute in Form

Resolved Defects

  • Fixed errors being thrown when you build without any entities
  • Resolved issues with ng serve in Angular 7
  • A compile error appears when turn on AvailableInServerOnly of an entity
  • Fixed memory leak issue in the Form Submission Tile
  • When creating source and trying to select the target entity, could not find the target entity but found the source entity instead.
  • CRUD create page not referencing properly

Migration Path

There were major changes to the css architecture, The fornt end no longer resides in the Harmony library package installed in node_modules, but it is now created in customer projects. With this update developers no longer need to try to override styling, but can use protected regions in the css.

  • Any scss file that does not sit in pages.scss will be overwritten by building your project. The best way to adjust your project to this change is to copy your scss folder into a different location, build your project and replace your custom code inside the right files. For example, if you have made custom changes in colors.scss such as changing the variable to a different value, place the file in another area of your computer, build your project, direct yourself to colors.scss in your project, turn on the protected region and replace the variable values that you had in your project.