SpringBot Release

Migration Steps




  • [CB-3189] - Scheduled Tasks
  • [CB-3431] - Spring CommonAttribute Unique
  • [CB-3690] - Cookie authentication
  • [CB-3842] - Redirect after login


  • [CB-3096] - Fix up dark theme for book headers; stop forcing the colour to show
  • [CB-3221] - Introduce mocked unit tests for CRUD services in Springbot
  • [CB-3292] - Gradle tasks for Jenkins Springbot
  • [CB-3530] - Add protected region for dev and test environment for test data injection
  • [CB-3543] - Could not update user
  • [CB-3612] - Hide Pagination if there is only One Page
  • [CB-3621] - Use TEXT for LONG TEXT and TEXT string types
  • [CB-3628] - Add PR to select on crud component after setting targetModel
  • [CB-3638] - Add Scroll to error option to the create edit
  • [CB-3642] - Add PR to Deep Parse in Model
  • [CB-3645] - Add option to hide the edit button in view only mode
  • [CB-3659] - Make Enum Values Match One To One with Modelled valued
  • [CB-3765] - Template scss
  • [CB-3769] - Change the import css for symbolink.
  • [CB-3847] - Template scss for angularbot
  • [CB-3864] - HTML Audit
  • [CB-3879] - Navigation - remove wrapper
  • [CB-3898] - Allow Sorting on Extended Attribributes
  • [CB-3909] - Add order by direction to entity metamodel
  • [CB-3940] - Investigate custom libraries/packages to package.json

Change Request

  • [CB-3609] - JWT Token expiration should be configurable
  • [CB-3646] - Add option to disable item action in collection view
  • [CB-3647] - Placeholder search capitalisation
  • [CB-3801] - Rework authentication


  • [CB-3069] - Change Naming convention for the references for Spring bot and Angularbot
  • [CB-3136] - Admin Section CRUD Page shows Invalid Created and Modified Date
  • [CB-3220] - Select style for admin end
  • [CB-3495] - Easy to run out of db connection
  • [CB-3537] - Dropdown styling with multiple values
  • [CB-3577] - Remove redundant filter questions
  • [CB-3596] - Page name has to match tile name to build
  • [CB-3608] - Authentication token is not updated when login
  • [CB-3610] - Admin page is not navigatable due to black listed
  • [CB-3618] - Localisation not set to Australian properly
  • [CB-3658] - Admin crud pagination does not work and does not show new entities when they are created
  • [CB-3689] - Move the patchValue of model to the crud tile rather than create-edit component
  • [CB-3698] - Add user repository for the security evaluator
  • [CB-3699] - Fix the risk condition for the crud create edit validation
  • [CB-3703] - Exclude the reference from toString
  • [CB-3707] - Invalid response object for authentication causes bad requests until refresh in angular appollo
  • [CB-3731] - Grid view cause [Object object] to be displayed when the model is of type observable
  • [CB-3734] - serverside filtering causing issues with apollo
  • [CB-3768] - Fix whitelist routing for admin pages
  • [CB-3807] - Caught error in grahpql
  • [CB-3817] - NGRX is left in a bad state after receiving unexpected responses
  • [CB-3848] - History shows last action performed on all entities
  • [CB-3883] - Batch GraphQL Queries to Prevent Huge Errors On Logout