[SOLVED] Hiding default FilterQuestionsType

Hi Codebots,

Need your suggestions on how can I hide the default BOT FilterQuestionType in the crud list?
this is generated when I added the Enum type on the schema.

i use this line of code to replace all the array value of FilterQuestions but im not sure this is correct way or we have other way that provided by Codebots to hide it.

this.filterQuestions.splice(0, this.filterQuestions.length, ...this.newFilterQuestions);


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Hi @Virgananta_Nugraha,

Thanks for getting in touch. We have expanded the protected region called Modify the existing config for the dropdown filter question for enum ref Cash Type to Cash Receipt here to encompass the entire question object so that it can be completely disabled if required. This will be available in the next SpringBot release.

For the time being, your solution is an appropriate workaround.

Thank you for the feedback on this.

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Hi @Virgananta_Nugraha, good news!

SpringBot Release has just been released and it includes your protected regions.

They will appear as follows:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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