Protected Region Request on Crud's Delete Dialog Confirmation

Bot: SpringBot
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FilePath: Bot: [SpringBot]
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all crud list of the components, in this post I use below path as example

Need to translate the title and button text and also need to rearrange the button location to make it consistent with the design system applied on the application.

Hi @sakaandrikap, welcome to the forum, and thanks for getting in touch!

I have passed your request onto the team, and we hope to have a SpringBot version out soon with your requested protected regions available.

Hi @sakaandrikap

I see you are using bot version where the text and title variables are declared as per your screenshot.

In the upcoming version of the bot(, these dialog variables are declared in a protected region at the top of the onDeleteClicked function. Further button customization can be done using the relevant css button class.

See patch notes for details: SpringBot Release


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Good news! Spring Bot is now available! Please upgrade your project to get access to new improvements and fixes.

The patch notes can be found here: SpringBot Release

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