Platform Release


  • New onboarding experience for new users
  • Can now choose an industry-specific entity diagram template during onboarding


  • Better handling of git access so user’s cannot accidently get to Git before it is ready
  • Hide the minimap on Entity diagram on very small screens
  • Minor UI/UX improvements

Resolved Defects

  • Unable to delete User extension from entity
  • Cannot accept collaborator invitations as a different user
  • Cannot get back to user’s site after hitting /setup for a second time (e.g. pressing the back button)
  • Sometimes logging in shows a blank “site selector” page
  • Site logo image show during invititation flow has no maximum dimensions and can be huge
  • Exception is thrown when attempting to invite someone to an app that doesn’t already have any users assigned to it
  • On the team page, people who have accepted their invitations are still appearing in the “pending” tab
  • Cannot update profile image due to new security patches
  • Can no longer see console text and progress during initial stages of build
  • Admins show up as “team member” when viewing “manage team” modal on applications page
  • Search on “manage app team” dialog is case sensitive