Platform Release


  • Completely re-vamped app creation wizard
    • No longer getting Git details in this part, instead provide them when you go to build for the first time


  • Improved the validation on new app names to make it clearer
  • Improvement to the bot building speeds
  • Added in an indicator to show which is currently the recommended bot for making an app (for users who have no preference)
  • Removed the “Just let me in” button from the onboarding
  • Improved the validation message when using special characters to create a git account.

Resolved Defects

  • Connections weren’t deleting when deleting a connected shape
  • The right-click menu in Plan would fall off the edge of the screen without scroll bar
  • Load more button on the Team pages were being shown when they weren’t needed.
  • Teams page displaying avatar orders incorrectly
  • Initials in the concurrent editing section didn’t update after name change
  • Test results were not able to be dismissed by clicking away from the modal
  • Logos on new sites are fuzzy