Password Validation Styling in User Creation on Admin Backend


Type: C#Bot
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Browser / OS: Chrome (Version 97) / Ubuntu 20.04


When creating a new user from the Admin backend, the Password field does not show as a required field (missing asterisk).

When attempting to submit with no information, an error to show that the email field is required is shown
but nothing on Password.

With an email entered, clicking submit now shows an additional error advising the password cannot be null.

The Password field should display with styling to indicate it is required.

Attempted Resolutions


Hi @robbie! Firstly, welcome to our forum :wave: and thank you for taking the time to post about this issue and raise it with us.

I have forwarded this issue onto our C#Bot development team, so they will be in touch with you soon to either ask you for more information or post an update on a fix. :hammer_and_wrench: