Next Lesson button in academy not linked to next lesson


Type: Academy-Learn C# Bot
Bot Version: NA
Browser / OS: Brave/Ubuntu 20


When doing Academy lessons on a course, once the lesson is finished, there is a button to move onto the next lesson. This button directs you to a random lesson within the course, not the next lesson in order.

Attempted Resolutions


Hi Nathan,

I apologise for the delay in our response to this post. The education team all managed to contract an infection which took us out for the last few weeks.

I believe someone has already reached out to you privately, though I thought it best to also post a public reply in case someone else wants to check on the status of this post.

I did jump on to check, and you are right, it does take you to a random lesson. Unfortunately, as we are actively working on phasing out the Academy from our platform, we won’t be doing any further work on bugs or feedback unless they are actively blocking users, which is not the case here.

I am sorry we aren’t able to fix this for you and our other users, but hopefully you can enjoy our docs and the exciting new features that we are bringing in to make learning easier for everyone.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.