Multicombobox error


Type: C#Bot
Bot Version:
Browser / OS: Chrome / Ubuntu


When using a multicombobox, the following error appears in the console:
Dropdown value must be an array when multiple is set. Received type: [object Undefined].

This can be reproduced by going to Admin, creating a new form, Adding a Question, and choosing MultiCombobox, after which the error will be seen in the console.

This error doesn’t appear to break anything.

Hi @paulw ! Firstly, welcome to the forum! :partying_face: :dancer:

I am so sorry that we haven’t responded yet, something went wrong with our notification system. I will pass this bug onto our dev team ASAP.

Hi @paulw, thanks for getting in touch.

It appears that the Multicombobox component is a custom component not written by the bot.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.