Modal Alert Text Confirm

Bot: Springbot
Bot Version Number: []
FilePath: [Every Single Crud List Delete Alert with text Confirm]

I need to translate all the alert title,

Hi @Virgananta_Nugraha,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I have added an issue to our current body of work to explore a solution to this and we will get back to you with a bot update or recommendation.


Hi @Virgananta_Nugraha,

I see you are using bot version where the text and title variables are declared as per your screenshots. In the upcoming version of the bot(, these dialog variables are declared in a protected region at the top of the onDeleteClicked function.

See patch notes for details: SpringBot Release


Hi @Virgananta_Nugraha, good news!

SpringBot Release is now available.

Once you have upgraded your project to this version of the bot, you should have the protected regions required to make your changes.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties.