Major: PR for Attribute file and Entity client ACL file

Bot: [C#Bot]
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FilePath: [clientside/src/Views/Components/CRUD/Attributes/AttributeFile.tsx] [clientside/src/Views/Components/CRUD/Attributes/AttributeDisplayField.tsx] [clientside/src/Models/Security/Acl/MehubAccountDocumentTypesEntity.tsx]

Before the end of render method for both the attribute files and for imports in MehubAccountDocumentTypesEntity.tsx file
For custom code and and imports

Hi Sofia

For the AttributeDisplayField change you don’t need to modify that bot written code and instead you can modify the @CRUD decorator to specify the prop that you want. For example:

	name: 'objective',
	displayType: 'displayfield',
	order: 60,
	inputProps: {
		displayFunction: (model?: Models.ObjectiveEntity) => model ? model.getDisplayName() : null,

I will add the protected region that you need in AttributeFile and will let you know when it is released.

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Hi Sofia

We have released C#Bot that has a maxFileSize prop on AttributeFile as well as extra protected regions in AttributeFile that can be used to further extend it in the future.

Details on the release can be found in the release notes for C#Bot Release