Library & Academy rejuvenation

As part of our relaunching this year, we will also be modernising the documentation and education facilities on our sites.

At the end, we will have:

  • a full set of publicly available developer documentation on,
  • a personal wiki available on your Codebots site (if you use iterate) so you can document your app and decisions,
  • a revamped Academy, called the Learning Hub, also publically available at

The steps involved

There are a few steps required to implement all of this, which we have broken down below. As we complete them, we will be updating and commenting on this post so you can keep track of where we are up to and get ready for the changes.

Documentation on the .com - MVP released

We will be taking the content which is currently available on your Codebots Library (and in the Knowledge Base at, and make it available to read publically. It will be given a face-lift to make it more consistent with standard developer documentation, and will also receive a speed and search boost to make it easier to move through everything.

Removing the documentation from the library

When we have the developer documentation live and stable, we will be removing the existing content from your Library on the Platform.

Modernising the personal library

Once the documentation content has been removed, we will reconstruct the (now) personal Libraries on the Platform to make them easier to work with. The process of creating and searching will be greatly simplified.
As part of this release we will perform a content migration on all existing articles to bring them across to the new Library structure.

The learning hub - Upcoming

Once we have finished modernising the content, our focus will shift to the Academy. We will release a new Learning Hub which will be nicer and faster to work within to do your learning. This will bring all of your learning into one space, so your achievements aren’t scattered across multiple sites.
Once it is released, after bringing all of the existing lessons and courses across, we will be decommissioning the existing Academy on the Platform.

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Progress Update

We have released the MVP version of the docs to We are still working on integrating search, which will be coming out soon, along with a few other cool features.

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Progress Update

:mag_right: Search is here! :mag:

The newly released version of the docs now contains search (with URL parameters so you can go back and forth till your heart’s content)

Next up: Ironing out the bugs, general cleanup, a few minor features, and starting on the Learning Hub MVP.