Iterate Release

Breaking Changes

Please not that this release includes breaking changes (due to the resolution of a critical defect) Please see the Migration section below for more details.


  • Added support for Dockerfiles (requires C#Bot or newer, or SpringBot or newer)


  • Faster builds

Resolved Defects

  • Shapes can move around unexpectedly when highlighting text in the properties panel
  • Pages do not propagate their name through to the security diagram and therefore result in strangely named files in the target
  • Scrolling on large security diagrams is jumpy

Migration Guide

Due to the resolution of a critical defect, the identifier of each “row” on the security diagram changed. This identifier is persisted through to the codebots, which in turn, create files with this identifier, and also includes protected regions with this identifier. The effect of this change is that some security-related source files will be renamed (or deleted and re-created), and the protected regions within these files will be renamed, resulting in the content of the protected regions being overwritten.

After the application has been built, you will need to use git to restore the content of the protected regions from the original files into the appropriate protected region in the new files. If you have any custom or protected code which imports or otherwise references the effected files, these references will also need to be updated with the new file name.