Iterate Release

New Features

  • Major performance improvements by turning most parts of the Platform into a Single Page Application
  • New warning dialog when using an unsupported browser
  • Added the foundations for labels on connections in the entity diagram


  • Updated colour scheme in line with changes to branding
  • Support slideout replaced with a link to the forum
  • Added deprecation warning to library pages on the Platform


  • Rebuilt security diagram with better performance and better UI/UX
  • Support for high-density screens in the diagram editors
  • Increased performance and lower memory footprint

Resolved Defects

  • The “Target Optional” and “Source Optional” switches in the entity diagram do not persist
  • Application members are not able to invite other team members to the application
  • Some entities in custom snippets are not showing on the security diagram
  • Deleting lots of shapes on a diagram can cause a race condition
  • Connection lines may visually appear over connection labels
  • After saving a custom snippet, the snippet is not visible until after a page refresh
  • When saving a custom snippet created against older version of a bot, it is only available to be used on the latest version of the same bot
  • Application list on the home page does not show the “last build date” correctly
  • Deleting an application shows a page-blocking spinner over the top of the confirmation dialog
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