Invalid characters allowed by Email Validator


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When creating new entities that have Emails as part of their Model, it allows spaces into the first half of the email. In some cases these entities can actually be successfully processed by the back-end, but then do not behave correctly.

Attempted Resolutions

Modifying the frontend regex validator so that it checks for spaces seems to have solved the issue.

Hi Dennis!

This issue should have been fixed in version which was released last week.

From the release notes: C#Bot Release - Release Notes / C#Bot - Codebots Community Forum
Fixed broken email validation when creating a new user entity through the admin CMS. The bug involved a user being able to register with space characters in their email address, but then, subsequently, not being able to log in with the same email.

I see that you are currently on version This issue should be resolved by upgrading to

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Thanks for the quick reply :smiley:

Just wanted to confirm that this fix will also work for user Admins that try to create users from the regular front end as well?

This fix will apply to admins that create a user through the Admin CMS in the clientside yes!