How do I get help with Codebots?

We offer a range of options that you can follow if you get stuck or have a question about Codebots.

Have a question?

We have a series of topics setup where you can ask questions, along with some FAQs that we regularly receive. Feel free to have a search or a browse through them to see if your question has already been answered.

If it hasn’t been asked, you can ask your question by creating a new topic with your question(s). Someone will comment on your post with an answer. Codebots staff and developers regularly check the forum to see if there are new topics that need attention, so you can be sure someone will get in contact soon.

Found a bug?

If you have discovered a bug with something in Codebots, you can check if we already know about the bug here:

If it has been posted, feel free to comment on the post with your own observations about the issue.

If it hasn’t been posted yet, you can make a new topic to post about the bug. Make sure you include sufficient details about what is going wrong, and keep an eye on the post to get notifications when we respond.

Once a bug gets fixed (or squished) it will get moved over to the Squished Bugs category.

Want to give us feedback?

If you have ideas on how me might improve the Codebots experience, you can discuss it in the Feature Requests category. Have a look at what your peers think, and comment your thoughts. We regularly review that section to get ideas for what to work on next.

Need a protected region?

If you are in need of a protected region, you can request one in the Protected Region request category.

Want to keep it private?

If you don’t want to reach out publicly, then you can always send us an email direct to and we will take care of it from there.

With your permission, we may post your issue anonymously so that you can still benefit from the help of the community, and they can also benefit from the help you recieve.