Graphql expand on owner ID

Currently, if a user owns a row in the database you cannot expand to the user.

Though you could draw a line from the user type to the entity you want to expand to this duplicates the field data, making it technically not 3NF

Exposing in the GQL and most likely rest endpoint, would allow for the developer to get all the users information when accessing the root entity. one example of this is a comment system where any users
type can make a comment, Should you want to display the user’s full name in the UI you would either need to draw the ownership reference on the model or create custom expand code to do this which could be used as the basis of the bot implementation

Hi Blake! Thanks for the recommendation :heart: I have passed your feedback onto the bot engineers to see if we could look at implementing your suggestions. If you have any further thoughts you want to share on this topic, please feel free to add them to the comments.