Documentation does not show which page is being viewed

Hey there,

I have been looking at some of the documentation for the C#Bot, and I initially had trouble finding my current place on the nav bar structure. Currently there is no indication for which page you are on when viewing the documentation, which I found confusing:

My suggestion would be to have a box or outline showing the page selected, as well as having the parent dropdown for that page already extended.


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Hey @stephen.goodhill!

Firstly, welcome to the forum! :partying_face:

Thank you for raising this feedback. It is actually something we already had on our radar, and will be starting work on it this week, hopefully to be included in our next release. We will post an update on this post when it is released.


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Sounds good, thanks for getting back to me!


Hi @stephen.goodhill! Great news, our initial iteration of this fix was released yesterday. :tada: :dancer:

We have changed the formatting of the nav menu slightly so that the dropped-down elements are purple, and the currently selected article is pink, which will hopefully make it more clear. We have also implemented auto-scrolling in the nav so that it will try to center the open article when you load the page.

We will be doing another iteration of this to make the current article even more obvious, but that requires a more comprehensive restructuring which will be coming along later. Hopefully these latest changes will make things easier until then.

Once again, thank you for submitting this feedback, we really appreciate the contribution and opportunity to make life easier for you :pray:

I hope you have a great weekend :relaxed: :beach_umbrella: