Collapse sidebar in the entity diagram editor

When reviewing large diagrams, the left sidebar is not always useful and having it always expanded has it taking up unnecessary space.

I would like the ability to collapse this sidebar similarly to how this works in other developer tools such as VS Code and Intellij.

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your preferences with us :heart: You make a very valid point, which has also been raised by previous users. This is a change which is already on our roadmap, but I have again forwarded this onto the appropriate team. We will use this topic to keep you updated on the progress of this request.

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Hi @kellie, thanks for the feedback. I’m happy to say that we’ll be releasing this feature soon!

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Hi @kellie - good news! :tada: :tada:

Just letting you know that a fix for this has been released in Generate this afternoon. It will also be implemented in Iterate as part of our next release, which is currently looking to be this week.

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