Codebots Accordion Feature

Hi Codebots,

It’s me again, :smiley:

now I came back with new question,

we are excited about your feature expand options.
but we have a problem using this feature as we have developed this previously. The same thing function to display expand.

but now we will start using CB default feature for new module that we develop.

i provided the video of the issue.
Any help would be appreciated.

CB Expand

Hi @Virgananta_Nugraha, hello again! :smile:

Awesome to hear that you are looking to use the built in expand functionality! I have passed this onto my team and we will hopefully be able to provide a resolution soon.

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Hi @Virgananta_Nugraha,

The issue with the code continually refreshing is usually due to a loop which occurs when code within a subscription triggers that subscription to be run again, and there is a decent chance that is whats causing the issues with your accordion.

A good method for figuring out where this loop is happening is to use Redux Dev Tools, which is a plugin you can install in your Dev tools that tells you what actions are being performed by your database. There will most likely be an action which is being performed continuously so if you can determine which one it is, you can figure out which subscription is looping. The Chrome extension can be found here:

To help us diagnose this issue I had a few questions as well.

Firstly, were there any steps that you took within the application which leads to this issue occurring, or is this something that will happen whenever you navigate to the page?

Also, is there a branch on your project which contains the code which is causing this error? As it will be easier to find the issue if we can also have a look at the code.

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Hi @Virgananta_Nugraha! I Just wanted to check in and see how you were going with this issue. Were you able to resolve it, or do you need further help from us?