Cannot pan/zoom diagram editor with trackpad anymore


Type: [Iterate]
Bot Version: [] (I think?)
Browser / OS: [Chrome / macOS]


See title

Attempted Resolutions


Welcome @Jordi_Kitto :v: Thanks for raising this issue. I have passed it onto the development team and will update you as we progress this ticket.

also cant scroll with the mouse assuming it’s related to this

Good news! The issue with scrolling has been fixed and will be released as part of the next Iterate release, which will be soon (if not today then tomorrow) :dancer:
In the meantime, you can use the mini map in the corner to move around, or if you have a scroll wheel, you can hold that down and drag the diagram around. :point_up_2:

All done! Our Iterate release just went out, so the fix is now live :partying_face: