Cannot add literal to Enum


**Type: Generate
**Bot Version: v1.10.0
**Browser / OS: MacOs Monterey 12.6 , Windows 10 Pro 19043.2006


I cannot add literal to Enum in the Codebots Generate extension installed into VsCode 1.71. The same behaviour is on MacOs and Windows operating systems.

Hi @wma !

Thanks for reaching out. I have forwarded this issue to the development team and they have started investigating the issue. Any updates on their progress will be commented on this ticket.

In the meantime, if you are keen to explore our products may I suggest you take a look at our in-browser tool App Studio? It is more powerful than Generate, though it doesn’t offer the same customisation toggles. I can offer you an extended trial since you are blocked from using Generate.


Hi @wma,
Thank you for reporting this bug. We have identified and resolved the issue. Please update your VSCode extension to the latest version (v1.10.1).


thank you for a quick fix. Where is the proper place or who should I contact with to speak about Codebots capabilities. I am interested in speed up development processes in my company.

Hi @wma, you can book a demo with one of our team members on our Getting Started page.