C#Bot Release



  • The Form builder will now open the properties of a question when it is added to a form.
  • The .png gitignore has now been scoped to only apply to the Selenium/TestResults folder.
  • Modals will now write console errors instead of throwing errors when the root div is missing.
  • Added support for whole number validation in the NumberTextField component.
  • Fixed whitespace and ‘diplayName’ typo in the server-side attribute validators.
  • Exposed the create role and create user methods on data seed helper.
  • Cleaned up whitespace in UI-modeled output files.
  • Dockerfile cleanup.

Protected Regions

  • Protected regions for serverside group CRUD theory data moved to a more effective spot.
  • Added protected region to ping server
  • Added protected regions wrapping all admin scss files
  • Added protected regions to Modal.tsx.
  • Added protected regions in GraphQlService.cs.

… and many more protected regions introduced throughout the testing framework.

Migration path

Removed 2 protected regions in timelines-view.scss

  • {{‘Add additional graph-shape styling here’}}
  • {{‘Add additional sidebar-shape styling here’}}

Please move over any code inside these regions as the whole files is now wrapped in protected region.

Removed protected region ‘Add any further cases here’ in API tests Registration.cs. This section is now wrapped in a larger protected region.

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