C#Bot Release


  • Updated transactions and rollbacks in CrudService.cs to call their async variants.
  • Updated CrudService.GetFiles to perform security rules in the database instead of in memory.
  • All HTTP responses will now have the:
    • X-Frame-Options header set to sameorigin by default.
    • Referrer-Policy header set to no-referrer by default.
    • X-Content-Type-Options header set to nosniff by default.
  • Updated server side ACL’s to allow for sub-queries to be nested inside the security rules.
  • Release notes in the README now point to the Codebots forum.
  • Added protected region in appsettings.json.
  • Updated Startup.cs to move startup actions out of the Configure method and into InitializationHostedService.
  • Updated DataSeedHelper.Initialize to be an async method.
  • Updated XSRF token to be injected in a middleware method instead of in a filter.
  • Moved request logging configuration into an extension method.
  • Fixed regression where some tests were no longer being generated.
  • The combobox for one to many references in the admin section will now no longer provide invalid options.
  • Fixed regression that changed the colours of the combobox component.

Resolved defects

  • Client-side model boolean attributes will now default to false instead of undefined.

Migration path

  • The [%= protected(out, "Add methods before data seeding here", "") %] protected region in Startup.cs has been removed. Any Hangfire jobs that were registered here should now be registered in InitializationHostedService.cs in the Add any additional start logic here protected region.
  • The configuration for serverside audit logs have been moved to InitializationHostedService.cs from Startup.cs. And custom audit configuration will need to be reapplied in this new location.