C#Bot Release


  • Laying the groundwork for an exciting new upcoming product!
  • Added has condition to GraphQL read queries. This can be used to filter a list of data by the existence of an entity in a collection reference. The following example will fetch all universities that have a student with the first name of “Jamie”.
    # Query
    query getData($has: [[HasConditionType]]) {
      universityEntities(has: $has) 
        students {
    # Variables
      "has": [
          [{"path": "students", "conditions": [
            [{"path": "firstName", "comparison": "equal", "value": "Jamie"}]
  • Added a style guide page to display all the default components that come with C#Bot, along with their styles.


  • Security can now be disabled when calling CrudService functions. For example:
    _crudService.Create(models, new UpdateOptions
    	DisableSecurity = true
  • GraphQL read queries will now only use a single DbContext over the lifetime of the request.
  • Optimised request used to fetch data for many to many comboboxes in CRUD.

Resolved defects

  • Removed unused register controller endpoint.
  • Removed incorrect timezone information that is returned from GraphQL mutations.
  • Remove login check from ApplicationBuilderExtensions.UseAuthorizationPolicy to allow for policies that do not require authentication.
  • Fixed label on the before validator for date time pickers in Forms.
  • Fixed CRUD List display function for unset dates and times displaying as ‘Invalid Date’.
  • Fixed typos in client-side bulk update function.
  • Fixed invalid user tests failing with a name conflict with an existing user.
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