C#Bot Release


  • Added generic service for starting background jobs.
    • This service will use Hangfire if it is enabled, if not enabled it will fall back to a synchronous run.
    • Registration and reset password emails are now sent using this service.
  • Added negate property to GraphQL conditional arguments.


  • Optimised size of CSS release bundle size.
    • Overall bundle size of the CSS has been reduced by approximately half!

Resolved defects

  • Fixed being unable to filter by referenced entities in the GraphQL.
  • Fixed aliased fields in GraphQL returning duplicate results.
  • Fixed null date times not being able to be updated on existing entities.
  • Correctly propagate errors to all CRUD attributes.
  • Fixed failing test for required DateTime fields.
  • Fixed selenium test intermittently asserting wrong url on logout.
  • Fixed security test failing if the user does not have permissions to create the references of the test entity.

Migration Path

GraphQL NotEqual Deprecation

With the addition of the negate property on GraphQL condition, the notEqual condition was removed from being used as an argument. Any conditions that used notEqual in the past will need to be updated to use the negate field instead.


{path: "myField", comparison: notEqual, value: "hello world"}


{path: "myField", comparison: equal, value: "hello world", negate: true}