C#Bot Release


  • Added Client and Server-side validators; the following validators are now available from the entity diagram.
    • Required
    • Range
    • UUID
    • Length
    • Numeric
    • Alphanumeric
    • URL
    • Email


  • Improved DocFx placeholder text.
  • Improved Mobile responsiveness of extensions.

Resolved Defects.

  • Fixed issue where welcome screen would intermitedly block navigation bar on chromium browsers.

Migration Path.

  • Major changes to csharpbot-test. Specifically BaseEntity.cs and the Entity Model files in the API test project.

    • The function ‘GetInvalidAttribute’ has been moved from the Enity Model files into BaseEntity.
      • Signature has changed from string GetInvalidAttribute(string attribute, string validator) to (object value, string errorMessage) GetInvalidAttribute(PropertyInfo property, System.Attribute attribute)
    • Attributes (List<Attribute>) has been removed from the Entity Models.
  • Serverside Database context is no longer used in the testing framework.

    • Dependency/imports into the testing framework for the server-side dbContext will be removed in a release soon.
    • SaveToDB method has been removed from BaseEntity (as well as associated protected regions inside this function).
      • Updated to save through GraphQl instead of through the database.