Admin Forms protected regions for c# bot (Critical Blocker)

Bot: [C#Bot]
Bot Version Number: [The version of the bot which you are on. Can be found near the top of the readme]
FilePath: [Which file needs the request?]
[Include a screenshot of where in the file you want the region to start and end. Alternatively, include the original line numbers]
[Why is this change necessary?] For mea build 2 we need customize admin section for building forms

Hi @Sofia_Kalra,

Thanks for getting in touch. Given the urgency of this request, we will release these protected regions in a patch version ASAP.

They will come out in version of C#Bot. We will update you here once it is available.

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Hi @Sofia_Kalra,

Good news!

We have just released C#Bot Release which includes your protected regions.

Once you have upgraded your project to this version you can begin to make use of them.