Add revision history to entity builder

I have 6 developers who could access the entity builder. There was an event when one of them accidentally deleted a field from an entity. There was also a case where a developer modified an entity which affected another developer’s work.

It is difficult to track the changes. The last person who builds the app will be likely to be blamed.

It would be helpful to have a history of what changes made to the entity, when and by whom.

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Hi @Afriana_Putra_I_B :wave:

Thank you for raising this request. While we can definitely see the value in it, it is a very complicated feature which is why we haven’t yet implemented it and are still gathering interest.

We are currently considering a rudimentary version of a logging process, but it must wait until after we have completed our existing modernisation milestone for the Iterate tool (to bring in the features we created for Generate). Only once that has been done can we begin to look at new features (otherwise we would have to write it all again).

I have raised your suggestion to the development team to let them know about the renewed interest, and will update you on any developments around this feature.