Add Protected Region for C# Bot

Bot: C#Bot
Bot Version Number:

FilePath: clientside/src/Views/Pages/Admin/PageLinks.tsx
Location: around otherlinkGroup, formsGroups and bottomlinkGroup

Reason: Admin link customizations requested by client

FilePath: clientside/src/Views/Components/CRUD/Attributes/AttributeFormData.tsx
Location: FormTile return on the render function
Reason: Need to pass down formMode so that formTile can display differently depending on if being viewed, created or edited

FilePath: serverside/src/Security/SecurityUtilities.cs
Location: at the end to introduce new item

Reason: Manually created entity that needs security acls

FilePath: clientside/src/Util/EntityUtils.tsx
Location: exportAll function

Reason: Change the CSV export name

Hi @Jameel_Khan,

Thanks for submitting this. We added this to our backlog and will let you know once these protected regions are available to use.

Hi @Jameel_Khan, good news!

These protected regions are now available as of C#Bot Release which is now available.

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